Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I know,but...

I know I want to write a book. But, there is a conflict somewhere. I think, a part of me believes that that is too big a thing for me to accomplish. I've wanted to write since I was 8.I want to get rid of this fear. Ok. So, I'm a little afraid of this. I also want to make a lot of money through it.The book is supposed to be enlightening and inspiring.It's supposed to create a shift in thought.Especially, for people in Pakistan, my native country but for those around the world as well.I want to wake people up , yet I'm still half asleep myself.I want to say something, big.The truth is inside me. I just need to put it on paper.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ain't Looking Good

It has been months of wandering. I've accomplished things, but something's not right.It might be lack of discipline..... or many other things.I know the theory. I think I need a dream partner.

Monday, 3 May 2010

The Wheels are Turning

I had my Arabic class yesterday. And a random conversation highlighted to me what I need to write about and what I actually have been wanting and trying to write about for fifteen odd years.
Hopefully, this positive thinking will rub off in all apects of my life.
I also bought two books yesterday; Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T.Harv Eker and The Master -Key to Riches by Napolean Hill.
Strange story:
My year old daughter was with me .She was touching all the books on the shelves ,reading, flipping through the pages and having a blast. And while I was quickly returning them and getting ready to leave,my daughter handed me this one: 'The Master-Key to Riches'. That lit a light bulb for me.I have not seen this book for months in any book store. But, Napolean mentions it in his audio lessons.And then out of the blue,just as the shop was closing and we were about to leave,my daughter hands me exactly what I'd been looking for.Pretty cool.
It really encouraged me.Anyway, this month I have set a goal for myself unlike any before.And I am selling the dream to myself.I think I'm sold. And I know it's achievable. The question is 'can I achieve it?' And the answer is 'YES I CAN!'God willing.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

I've Figured Something Out

Hey, it's been a while hasn't it?I guess I give the word 'daily' a new definition.I hope you all have been well and happy.And I'm sorry I haven't written sooner.
I've been doing ok. I've taken some initiative,but wasn't clear of my goals until today.Or rather I didn't believe that I could accomplish them.I guess I didn't know what to blog about in that frame of mind.I've been listening to Napolean Hill's laws of success and trying to implement his ideas. But, haven't been consistent.I felt I needed to talk to someone about my goals.A real person.No one showed up.Terrible, isolated feeling.Had to look in the mirror and rely on myself.
The point is, I'm here now.This moment is like any other, but it's not.My dream is to write a book.About the truth.Whatever 'the truth' is.I do not have an exact picture of what I want to write about.But, there is something I have been dying to say my whole life.
I must say it.I've been sleeping on it for twenty years.And I'd like, no- love ,to make a pretty penny while I'm at it.
I will write about certain principles and key elements that I think influenced me ,at another date.This time much sooner than before!
And yes,I am enjoying tennis.My coach is really good.We even played during a dust storm our last session.I had one eye open and could barely see the ball.It was funny because I couldn't play properly, but didn't want to give up.It looked so ridiculous. But, it's great following one's heart;as corny as that sounds.I've also started Arabic lessons which I've wanted to take since I moved to Saudi. It's going well.Now I have to learn how to swim.And most importantly WRITE away!!!
I am going to begin now.As in literally, now.I just wanted to connect with everyone and share this moment.See you soon. How's tomorrow?
Tomorrow it is.I ain't got nothin' to hide.:) Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

I can't believe it

Some wonderful things have happened this past day and a half. And I have a feeling tomorrow will be pretty good too.
It sounds silly, maybe even ridiculous but tomorrow I will do something that I've been wanting to do for a while.'A while' being roughly 15 years.Ouch. For whatever reason, I kept pushing this desire into a corner.
I am very excited about this. It has me giggling and dreaming and tomorrow hopefully hitting the ball!
All it took was two phone calls.One to get the guy's number, the other to actually make an appointment.
Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly announce that tomorrow I will have my first tennis lesson EVER!
I thank my Lord, for showing me the obvious.
Will keep you posted.
It's way past late night where I live. I should get some rest .Sweet dreams all!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hungry for Response

Dear Reader,
I hope you find this new blog inspiring,interesting ,most of all useful in the attainment of your goals.I haven't exactly taken off yet. I wonder what I'm missing. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.And please do take the time to comment with all honesty on how I can improve my approach to this blog so that it is more useful to it's readers and myself.I would like to take this journey together with you.
I invite you to please participate in this journey of our lives with your criticism and suggestions for improvement.Thank you and please write away!

Monday, 1 February 2010

The First Half Step

Well, it seemed like I got off to a rocky start yesterday,if the truth be told.And yes,the house isn't exactly gleaming.But,it's way better than before and surprisingly very little effort was required for such a huge visual transformation.
It gave me courage and energy to tackle other pending issues ,but I am digressing.
I listened to the first three discs of Napolean Hill's audio book, The 16 Laws of success, VolumeI.They were more or less introductory.
In the first disc ,he spoke of a mastermind connection.The point being that two or more people work together , to achieve their personal goals;not necessarily a common one ,ie they are more beneficial together than the additive effects of their individual efforts-a synergistic connection. But, the condition is that there be complete harmony between all it's members.
He goes on to emphasize the importance of this alliance by stating examples of highly successful people that applied this principle, such as Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford ,Thomas Edison etc.
These people and others have achieved goals of stupendous proportions when compared to their so called 'circumstances' by making use of the mastermind alliance.Without going into further detail, I'm thinking to myself where am I going to find someone to make an alliance with?I can only think of people laughing in my face when I tell them what I want to do.When I somewhat talk about my goals, people pay heed, might even be impressed.I guess I am in the process of selling my dream to myself.
Plain enthusiasm or wishing never got anybody anywhere.We need real belief,conviction.The knowledge that our goals no matter how high are ACHIEVEABLE.
We must spend the entire day with that belief ;sleep with it ,eat with it and basically be persistant in desiring it.'Tending to the fire' if you will.
This ,I admit I haven't been doing.On close inspection, though my passion is great,it comes more in bursts and small explosions where I am emotionally enacting my peak scenario.
That state of mind is wonderful, but the rest of my day is pretty vague and a little stagnant.I get sidetracked into so many different routine activites ,which may be understandable .
That is why Napolean recommends that we set aside ten or so minutes first thing in the morning and ten or so just before bed to reflect on our cheif aims(as he puts it).We must see ourselves as having achieved our aim.
That requires a lot of imagination and sometimes grit but it must be done twice a day at least.We are consciously training our subconscious mind to step up to the task.
I am beginning to understand something.It may sound cliche', but there is no such thing as failure.Only failure to imagine or believe.
I have the imagination,that's for sure.I'm just craving the reality now.
I know God has His way of making things work out for us.But,it is up to us to show appreciation for what we have by making use of the faculties given to us by Him.
So for today, I will review the audio ,think positive,perform errands and chores promptly and to the best of my ability. All the while, secretly tending to my dreams.